Dr. Xuming Zhou has been awarded 'Natural Sciences award' of Hunan province.

  湖南省科技厅最近公布了2018年度湖南省自然科学奖,周旭明研究员与中南林业科技大学等单位完成的‘金丝猴的环境适应机制及保护策略研究’获得自然科学奖二等奖。Read More

Goddess of the Yangtze---baiji

  没有了动物人是什么?如果所有的动物都灭绝了,人类也将在巨大的精神孤独中死去。发生在动物身上的一切也将最终发生在人类自己身上。世间万物皆相联!降临到地球上的一切,也将降临到地球的子民身上。Read More

Dr. Xuming Zhou has been awarded 1st 'BGI ocean Young scientist'.

  第二届国际海洋基因组会议10月22日在青岛国际经济合作区(中德生态园)举行,来自世界各地的20余位海洋及组学领域的大咖精英、专家学者出席会议,共同探讨海洋基因组领域的科研发展、产业应用、前沿探索研究等话题。实验室周旭明博士参加会议,并获得首届华大海洋新锐奖。Read More

Fit for porpoise: Gene changes made 'river pig' unique

   China's critically endangered Yangtze River porpoise is a distinct species, meaning it cannot interbreed with other porpoise types to pass on its DNA, a major analysis of the creature's genome revealed on Tuesday. The finless, dolphin-like creature, which sports a permanent, almost human grin on its snub-nosed face, is the world's only freshwater porpoise. Read More

Genetics: How the Yangtze finless porpoise adapted to freshwater

  Genes that may explain how finless porpoises came to inhabit the Yangtze river are described this week in Nature Communications. Unlike their ocean-dwelling relatives, the critically endangered Yangtze porpoises are adapted to freshwater and harbor genetic variants that could account for changes in kidney function and maintain the right balance of water and salts in the blood.  Read More

Secrets of how primates can live at extreme altitude revealed

  It can be lonely at the top. Snub-nosed monkeys live at a higher altitude than any other non-human primate – but they are also among the rarest of all primates. The latest genomic analyses may help to explain exactly how they have adapted to life in the thin air found in their habitat and perhaps inform their conservation. Read More

New study reveals adaptations for snub-nosed monkeys

  In a heroic effort, researchers have now sequenced, assembled and analyzed the mutations in the genomes of 38 wild snub-nosed monkeys (from genome mapping of 42 individuals: 27 golden, four gray, two Myanmar and nine black) from four different endangered species of snub-nosed monkeys -- the largest investigation into primate genomics outside of the great apes. Read More

Genome study of functional extinct species

  长江白鲟是一种半溯河洄游性鱼类,十分稀有,被称为“水中大熊猫”,其数量十分稀少又极易受伤死亡,研究机构至今未能捕获到成熟的白鲟双亲进行人工繁殖研究。长江白鲟世代生存在长江之中,长江是它们唯一的家,现在它们却可能已经彻底消失在长江之中。Read More